Modern Slavery

Jason McQuinn, founder of Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed, Alternative Press Review and North American Anarchist Review, has founded another excellent journal titled Modern Slavery. Below is a description of the journal in his own words, as well as a link to the Modern Slavery website:

Modern Slavery is a new journal for the abolition of all forms of enslavement, published as an independent, not-for-profit project of CAL Press. “Modern Slavery” is the name we give to the ubiquitous institutional foundation of forced labor required for Modern Civilization. Modern Slavery is an oversized, 200-page, perfect-bound journal of high-quality essays, fiction, reviews and art that will be published twice a year. The first issue includes: Jason McQuinn’s “Introduction to Modern Slavery,” Paul Simons on “John Brown’s Body,” Ron Sakolsky’s “Mutual Acquiescence or Mutual Aid?” and the first chapters of unpublished books by Karen Goaman (The Old World is Behind You) and Wolfi Landstreicher (Strangers in an Alien World), along with Bob Black’s Beautiful Losers: The Historiography of the IWW” and much more. The first issue is now available for $15 postpaid in the US & $20 postpaid outside North America from CAL Press, POB 24332, Oakland, CA 94623, USA. Please visit the Modern Slavery web site at: for more information.

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