Cornell University Punk Flyer Collection

Cornell University’s Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections has a digitized assortment of thousands of punk flyers taken from The Johan Kugelberg punk collection and the Aaron Cometbus Punk and Underground Press Collection. Included are a bunch of flyers I’ve never seen before from Marin punk bands, including the Pukes, UXB, Ludovico Teknique and Sacripolitical.

Amusingly, Sacripolitical’s name appears on different flyers with three different spellings: Sacripolitical, Sacri-political, and Sacro-political.

3 thoughts on “Cornell University Punk Flyer Collection

    • There are more and more archives of old punk rock flyers and ephemera popping up. Stanford University and the San Francisco Public Library also have punk archives. There is even an international Punk Scholars Network!

      I’m starting work on a history of punk in Marin. Marin has largely been overshadowed by San Francisco and the East Bay when it comes to punk, but as you know, it had a unique scene, with its own assortment of bands and venues.

      Any memories, stories, photos, or ephemera that you might have would be helpful!

      • Thanks, John! That’s exciting, and you should do a great job. I’d love to talk to you about it sometime; there are still folks who feel there hasn’t been a good history of SF punk yet.

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