Blackplate and Sacripolitical

It was a lively night of punk rock in San Francisco at The Makeout Room on Saturday, January 4th.

Blackplate, a post-punk, dirge band from Humbolt County – whose album, Every Day is Sadderday, was produced by Steve Albini – made the long drive down to the Bay Area to play an early show with Sacripolitical.

Sacripolitical went on first and was welcomed by a crowd of familiar faces, including their old bass player, Brooke J., the vocalist from Complete Disorder, Danny C., and tons of other friends from the 1980’s Marin punk scene. There was lots of dancing, laughter, and singing along by the crowd. It felt like old times, and reminded me that even as we get older, nothing really has to change. The band debuted a new song titled Gogol’s Nose and ended their set with the old Crib Death song, Shove It Up Your Ass!

Blackplate closed out the night with a terrific set of grinding, post-punk noise that reminded me of a cross between Big Black and Killdozer. An electrical short in Sean’s microphone caused a bit of an annoyance, but that problem was overcome and the band went on to tear through some great songs that were received by the audience with lots of head-banging enthusiasm and cheers.

Thanks to everyone who came out! We’re hoping to arrange more nights of punk-rock fun in the near future!

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