sc0004d237Sacripolitical (1982 – 1993) was a punk rock band from Marin County, CA.

The name Sarcipolitical was a reference to the band members’ attitude toward politics. Just as a person who is sacrilegious is irreverent toward the sacred, Sacripolitical played songs, like “Peace: Under our Supervision,” “The Nihilist Void,” and “Napalm Baby,” that were politically and philosophically irreverent.

Sacripolitical was together for the better part of a decade, playing at parties, underground shows in warehouses, in barns, and on the bill with other bands like UXB, The Pukes, Fang, Frightwig, and Camper Van Beethoven. Some shows ended in philosophical conversation; some ended in near riots!

We made a lot of friends, a lot of enemies, and had a lot of fun.

A History of Sacripolitical: 1982 – 1993

Sacripolitical’s Youtube channel

Free download of Sacripolitical’s EP at

Flyers and Photos

Maximum Rock N Roll Podcast #198 (Guest: Sacripolitical)

Maximum Rock N Roll Podcast #174 (Marin bands: Pukes, Ludivicho Technique, Sacripolitical, Crypt)

Tom Law SF Bay Area Punk and Rock Handbill Collection at Stanford University (Includes flyers from Marin bands: Sacripolitical, Ludivicho Technique, Pukes, White Stag, The Nuns)

The Death of Ricky Puke (A blog posting and conversation about the death of Ricky Paul and the Marin Punk Scene)

Screams From the Gutter


The Pukes Demo Tape on Youtube

The Pukes live @ COM

UXB: Breakout from Not So Quiet on the Western Front

Cornell University Library Punk Flyers Collection

Noise Addiction

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