A History of Sacripolitical: Origins: 1982

The word “Sacripolitical” did not exist prior to 1982. It was in that pivotal year that a rag-tag group of bullied and outcast high school students from San Rafael coined the term in order to describe their attitude toward mainstream American politics. Since then, the word has gained both in popular and academic usage, leading some pundits to suggest that American history itself can reasonably be divided into the periods “BS” (Before Sacripolitcal) and “ASS” (After Sacripolitcal’s Successes). This reinforces Sacripolitical’s own contention that the history of the United States is nothing more than a bunch of BS and ASS.

Just as those who are irreverent toward religion are criticized as “sacrilegious,” the original members of Sacripolitcal self-consciously set themselves against all forms of political stupidity, endeavoring to expose the inconsistencies and injustices of government policies – both on the right and the left – through musical mockery, irony and creative rebellion. High school administrators and disciplinarians at the time objected that these budding Sacripolitcians were nothing more than a bunch of loud mouth punks. The Sacripoliticians agreed unreservedly with this assessment.

Crib DeathThe original members of Sacripolitical were associates of Crib-Death, another band of musicians and pranksters who notoriously “redecorated” and then torched San Rafael High School in 1982 as a means of artistic expression and to protest the administration’s fascist tactics in trying to silence and control campus dissidents. The Crib-Death musical anthem “Shove it Up Your Ass,” is still today considered by experts to be one of the finest and most eloquent expressions of teenage rage ever set to music; by some accounts rivaling the finest works of Blake and Wordsworth in its emotive impact:

I don’t need this fuckin’ world.

Shove it up your ass.

I don’t need that fuckin’ whore.

Shove it up your ass.

The Constitution is a bore.

Shove it up your ass.


Shove it up your ass Mr. President,

You can’t send me to war.

Why don’t you sell the White House,

And feed the world’s poor!

We want nihilism for this nation.

Shove it up your ass.

The world’s a fuckin’ corporation.

Shove it up your ass.

In their post-high school period, after Crib-Death had been dismantled by the police, Sacripolitical would often pay tribute to their brothers and sisters in non-conformity by performing this musical masterpiece to adoring throngs of punk rockers. This was the first link in a new tradition of nihilistic activism that forever would alter the way people think about Marin County, California, the land of wealth, new age vegans, and politically correct orthodoxy.

NEXT: First Performances: 1983 – 1984


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