The Nihilist’s Notebook

The Nihilist’s Notebook was published by moralinefree publishing in 1996. It is now out of print, so I have scanned the original proofs and saved them as a pdf file that you can access through the link below. I have left out blank pages, so there are a few gaps in the page numbers. Do not fret, however. The book otherwise appears in its profane, sick and twisted entirety. Nothing has been censored, changed or redacted.

About 300 copies of the book were originally printed and sold through the mail, book fairs and at radical bookstores like Rust Belt Books, Talking Leaves Books, New World Records and Bound Together. Amusingly, copies have now found their way into library special collections at UC Irvine, Pittsburg State University and Yale University. What was once underground and reprehensible is now respectable.



Have you ever stared into the abyss? Have you ever suspected that nothing is true? Have you ever thought that nothing matters? Have you ever entertained a nihilistic feeling?

Well then, you’ve come to the right place!

It’s time for you to embark upon a journey of enlightenment. It’s time to discover the truth in untruth. Within these pages you will come face to face with the nirvana of nihilism, the power of pathology and the vicissitudes of violence. Herein you will discover the logic of the Emperor Tiberius when he said:

“Let them hate, provided they fear.”

A chaos induced, pathological work of philosophical speculation and silliness from moralinefreee publishing

The Nihilist’s Notebook PDF