The Path of Philosophy

popThe Path of Philosophy introduces college students to the study of philosophy through a compelling narrative in which the world’s most important philosophers appear as characters.

Framed by the concept of Wondrous Distress, the text traces the history of western philosophy from its beginnings in ancient Greece to contemporary developments in the modern world. Threads running through the text demonstrate how philosophy is unique and distinct from religion and science, while at the same time showing how all three disciplines are interrelated. Exceptionally well written, and unusual in its cohesiveness, the text leaves readers with a vivid picture of philosophy as a unique and important field of study.


“The following features of this textbook are desirable, innovative, and vital to higher learning. The fact that each chapter begins with guiding questions is innovative and coincides with a learning-centered emphasis, viz., critical thinking and evaluative thinking. Also, that the textbook makes connections between philosophy and contemporary events is essential to the ongoing development of higher learning and for the academic survival of the humanities” — John Wesley Holder III, Pensacola Junior College

“I admire the author for approaching philosophy in a new and intriguing way. His prose style is simple, elegant and precise.” — Dr. Charles Fethe, Kean University of New Jersey

“The discussion of Wondrous Distress in Existentialism is grand.” — Michael McClure, Prince George’s Community College

“It is clear that the author has a passion for philosophy and probably for teaching as well.” — John F. Millard, Boston College

Cengage Higher Education


Review by David W. Drebushenko  in Teaching Philosophy.